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 Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution Outpatient Rules and Regulations

1. Registration / Collection of Medicine

All patients must register at the registration counter and obtain their outpatient cards and queue numbers. They are then to proceed to their respective consultation rooms. Patients must pay for their medicine before collecting their medicine at the dispensary. They are to strictly follow the physician's instructions when consuming the medicine. Patients are not allowed to request for medicine unless they are seen at the clinic in person.

2. Consultation Procedure

(i) Patients will be assigned, in order of registration, to physicians depending on the severity and type of medical illness, medical history and presenting medical condition at time of registration. Patients need to pay an additional S$2.00 if they specify to be seen by certain physicians.

(ii) Patients must wait to be seen according to their registration number, no cutting of queue is allowed.

(iii) In case of a medical emergency, or severe medical illness, the registration counter staff may let the patient be seen by a physician immediately. This is subject to staff/ physician discretion.

3. Consultation Departments

The Chung Hwa Medical Institution consists of an Internal Medicine department, Acupuncture department, Gynaecology department, Paediatrics department, Dermatological department, Massotherapy department. Other specialist departments include cancer/ tumour department, reproductive medicine department, gastrointestinal department, cardiovascular department, ear/ nose/ throat department, diabetes department, joint problems department, tendon injury department, stroke department, trichological (hair) department.

4. Medical Fund

Patients, members of the public or philanthropists who wish to contribute to the Chung Hwa Free Clinic medical fund are to obtain acknowledgement receipts from our staff. This is to prevent the embezzlement of funds. They can also deposit their cash contributions into donation boxes located within Chung Hwa Medical Institution.

5. Other Matters

(i) The police will be notified if a patient passes away while at the clinic. The police or the deceased's next of kin will be in charge of the deceased's death matters.

(ii) Patients are not allowed to receive prescriptions from more than one physician at a time.

(iii) At follow-up consultation, the physician will treat the patient according to the current medical condition of the patient.

Any errors in this set of rules and regulations will be investigated and corrected (if required) by the Chung Hwa Medical Institution's management committee. Any changes will only be effected upon the Singapore Chinese Physicians' Association executive committee' s approval.

Updated on 19th June 2010