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iPhone/ iPad Application

中华医院推出iPhone /iPad 手机程序,欢迎免费下载:
Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution has a rich heritage and history in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The hospital currently hold valuable source of information/material with regards to the practises of the Chinese Medicine.
Leverage on such resources, the Chung Hwa Medical App opens a channel via the mobile platform and create a reliable source of information about Chinese Medicine for the public. Beside providing information on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It also has many useful features for the public and the patients on the hospital operating information and its Doctor's profile and schedule



QR Code

1. Choose one "QR Code Reader"  Application and download at your Smart Phone;

2. You may try to get "Scan Life" Application;

3. After getting Scan Life, then, Scan the QR Code (on top), it will direct you to the link immediately;

4. You can even store the link at your Smart Phone immediately;

5. You may creat your own QR Code with this Scan Life too.



1. www.facebook.com/SGChungHwa